Saturday, 5 March 2016

Salt of the earth-pure aura review

I finally received the brand new Salt of the Earth new pure aura scent and I was very excited as I've heard such good things about using a natural alum based deodorant but I was yet to try one. 
 the only deodorant that's natural that I've really found to work is my DIY recipe also on my blog, so I was hoping to find another alternative for when I'm on the go or when I'm working out or riding my bike anywhere so I was really excited to get this one.
The salt of the earth pure aura comes in a spray bottle consisting of the alum, a type of glycerine, aloe leaf juice and flower extracts which was different to traditional stick alum deodorants, 100% natural and a lot more simpler to use as you don't have to wet it every time you want to get it on your skin. You just spray, and go!
The scent is lavender and vanilla but the smell of lavender is much more prominent than the light vanillary tones in the scent, so if you're not a fan of lavender this probably isn't the one for you. I used this for a few days to really see what it stood up to and I was rather impressed with my findings. On the longest and sweatiest day which included multiple bike rides and some pretty constant walking around the deodorant lasted from 9am when I put on a thin amount all the way to 6pm. That's over 9 hours! That's pretty impressive considering how much I was doing all day.
Overall I'm pretty impressed with this product and it seems like it'll come in handy on particularly warm summers days when I'm out a lot of the time and my DIY deodorant gets a little bit messy after spending a while melting in the summer sun!
The new Salt of the earth Pure Aura deodorant is available at

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